Monday, February 23, 2009

J2 Creative Finds New Energy With Ohio Green Wind

CINCINNATI, OH –J2 Creative LLC announces the launch of Ohio Green Wind of Dayton, OH offers sales, installation, and service of alternative and renewable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications.

J2 Creative designed the brand identity and website for Ohio Green Wind, a “green technology” start-up. Ohio Green Wind needed a branding strategy that would connect with potential customers throughout Southwestern Ohio, customers more familiar with coal and diesel power than wind and solar. J2 Creative positioned Ohio Green Wind as a full-service energy equipment company concerned about the environment, but dedicated to energy independence, sustainability, and economic security. “J2 Creative’s work goes well beyond just design,” says Jackie Brosz-Westbrooks, co-founder of J2 Creative. “We are helping Ohio Green Wind build relationships with their customers, providing easy access on their website to resources for government incentives and tax credits. These factors are vital today.”

Like many small businesses struggling in the current economic climate, J2 Creative was looking for a bright spot on the horizon, and they found one in the emerging popularity of green technology. “I am always excited to work with new businesses, and I’m especially thrilled to be involved with a client that sees opportunity in the issues facing our country, like Ohio Green Wind,” says Brosz-Westbrooks, “J2 Creative is a prime example of how investment in green technology does indeed create a multiplier effect, rippling out and having a positive impact on other companies in the private sector.”

About J2 Creative LLC

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